The spirit of disc needs to be perpetuated by those who love it, because the disc is worth it, and so the passion continues. But strength is always limited, and boundless passion requires more people to share and pass it on.
Calling 10 passionate partners to jointly disseminate the love of disc.


Play disc, enjoy the summer! Yikun discs joins forces with Tiao Dong Who, inviting everyone in Wuhan to come to Dong Lake. This time, the "flying" jump is a must!

China SportShow

 From Made in China to Created in China, Yikun Discs’s disc golf products break into overseas markets with innovative quality and Chinese culture, and has now flown to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. At the same time, we are actively promoting the development of golf disc sports in China, supporting the operation and implementation of  disc golf clubs and competition venues, allowing more people to experience the joy of "golf"! Today, we are delighted to see the quiet rise of disc golf sports in China.
Yikun Discs is growing while rooting itself deeper!


 The 9th edition of ISPO Shanghai 2023, the Asian (Summer) Sporting Goods and Fashion Show, will be grandly presented from June 30 to July 2, 2023. ISPO Shanghai returns to join hands with Yikun Discs and more than 500 domestic and international sports lifestyle brands.
It gathers the forefront trends and movements of the domestic and international sports market in outdoor sports, camping life, water sports, urban sports, sports tourism, cycling life, sports technology and new materials, and vehicle travel life, inviting sports enthusiasts to a diverse and vibrant summer sports journey.

China Camping Life Expo 2024 · Hangzhou

As disc gradually becomes a popular outdoor sport, Yikun Discs is invited to participate in the CLE Hangzhou. Together with 200+ outdoor brands, presenting directions such as "Camping Life", "Brand Trends", and "Structural Factory", they collectively showcase the new development potential of Chinese outdoor camping life. Outdoor enthusiasts come together to explore the unique charm of outdoor life aesthetics in the company of what they love.

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