The instructor team with national umpires and referees as the core. our team can provides various classes, training camps and training classes related to flying disc rules, referee execution, skill learning, daily training, etc. The courses are rich in content and can provide customized content services to meet the needs of different people.

Training contents:
Umpires training, referees training, competition organization training, disc team building organization training, youth training, training camp, campus disc teaching.

Object of cooperation:
Associations/clubs/communities/sports training institutions /camps/enterprises/schools

Private domain teaching:
Provide customized training services for cooperative partners and private domain customers.

Joint enrollment:
The cooperative partner recruits students for various training courses led by YiKun through their own channels.

Joint class:
The two sides jointly set up training courses. Conduct promotional courses and recruit students together, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Authorized operation:
YiKun Discs authorizes cooperative partners to use the YiKun Discs brand for training business operations.

Agent benefits:
The agents can get free qualification places for theme training camp and preferential places for grade certificate training camp after meeting cerdition conditions.


YiKun Discs is committed to professional team building organization services and the plan and cooperation of marketing activities.

Suitable occasions:
campus activities/youth fellowship/activity of trade union/induction training/enterprise team building/comprehensive training.

Suitable number:

Suitable venue:
soccer field/flat grass/wooden floor/beach/basketball court/temporary playground.

Features and highlights:
flexible activity form, strong interactivity, release pressure,spread the concept of healthy work ,good team atmosphere, take high-quality photos and videos, short preparation time, good long-term effect.