Ultimate disc is an intense and competitive 7vs7 team sport without physical contact. It originated from college students in the United States throwing pie plates and has now evolved into an outdoor sport that combines many athletic characteristics. Players score points by running in various tactical ways, passing the disc, and allowing their teammates to catch it in the end


Disc Golf, as the name suggests, it is a sport similar to golf but played with discs. We can simply understand it as a sport that combines the rules and etiquette of golf, the natural outdoor environment of hiking, and the use of discs as sports equipment. It is a unique sport where discs fly freely outdoors, and its rules are very similar to other golf-related sports.



Divinity originates from the belief in life, where all things in the universe merge with each other. The Nüwa Patches the Sky Series blends ancient mythology and cosmic elements together, drawing inspiration from the Dunhuang frescoes. From Fuxi's wisdom to Nüwa's creativity, and from Xihe's warmth to the mystique of the Sky-Repair Stone, it emphasizes themes related to the universe, nature, and the dawn of creation. It aims to offer players a brand-new flying experience beyond time and space.

「New Material: Glaze-X」
Endowed with the unique ceramic texture and uniqueness of the glaze material, the new glaze material is given unparalleled dynamic charm and spatial sense through radiant lines. When it spins and flies at high speed, it looks like dazzling stars attracting all eyes.

「New Material: Inner Colour」
The random integration and release of colours give the Tiger line new material a unique texture, making each piece an irreplaceable work of art.

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In the eyes of the world, Picasso may be seen as a rebel of traditional classical art, the founder of bizarre Cubism, or perhaps an artist who deviated from the beaten path. However, Picasso's life was a life fueled by love. He was filled with boundless love for nature, family, love, peace, and himself, all of which are vividly reflected in his artworks. He remained loyal to freedom, using astonishing candor and childlike creativity to completely and thoroughly reconstruct the world with utmost freedom. He rejected regulations, prejudices, and everything else."


On the battlefield of disc sport," as the waterfall-like sweat quietly falls, soaking your clothes, the sticky and sultry sensation feels like an invisible restraint, hindering your free and easy movements. Your hands and feet are bound, and your mood becomes increasingly heavy.

Yikun's new sport harem pants for disc sports let you regain your freedom on the field! Put on these pants, and you won't drop the disc!


For those of us who occasionally switch to HARD mode in life, sometimes we need a little 'sweetness' to comfort ourselves.

Every temptation of the taste buds is a shout of joy; every release of exercise is a call of freedom.

Blend the sweetness of summer into the frisbee slowly, and no trouble can withstand the sweet impact.

Spread energy and experience a beautiful life, here you can always find that sweet summer that belongs to you!


# HOU YI #

"Hou Yi Shooting the Sun," originally known as "Yi Shoots Nine Suns," is an ancient Chinese mythological legend. During the reign of Emperor Yao, ten suns appeared in the sky simultaneously. The intense heat scorched the crops and vegetation, leaving the people without food. Emperor Yao commanded Hou Yi to shoot down nine of the suns, leaving only one to provide light and warmth. As a result, nine sunbirds fell from the sky, their feathers scattered, which is why there is now only one sun.

Introducing four new models to enrich the flight options, catering to the needs of more disc golf enthusiasts.

「New Material - Glaze Line」
Named for its glazed ceramic texture, it inherits the durability of Yikun's high-end materials. Its unique color blending makes each disc a one-of-a-kind existence.

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「Exterior Design」
Utilizing a functional and stylish windproof design to break away from monotony. The unique finger-hole glove design provides both leisure and warmth while protecting your palms. The high collar design combines fashion and practicality, ensuring windproof and warmth while allowing freedom of movement during sports. Reflective strips enhance nighttime safety, providing breathability, wind resistance, and waterproofing, making outdoor activities stress-free.