1 Go on course trips
Suitable sites: outdoor camps, ski areas, parks, schools, golf courses, wooded areas,

2. Planning and design
After the course inspection, the expert team will provide construction plans according to
the course conditions, and discuss with the course to reach the final decision.

3. Construction and installation
After determining the design plan, the design team will prepare professional
equipment and guide the construction team to complete the design plan.

4. Test and adjust
Once the course is complete, the design team will have a full-court test run with
experienced disc players and make final adjustments.

# Status of Disc Golf Course in China #

With the invitation and support of Yikun Discs, Prodigy Disc and CDGC, Brian Hoeniger, President of the International Department of the World Professional Disc Golf Association and three world champions of disc golf came to China in october 2018. They got involved and carried out the “Marco Polo” promotion program for two weeks. It is for the purpose of professional disc golf competitions to take root and sprout in China. So far, dozens of professional disc golf competitions have been held. A dozen of the earliest disc golf courses in China were designed and built. More and more excellent athletes and umpires have been cultivated and trained.

National fixed courses:
The Birch Disc Park of Tiger Ridge Terrain Park in White Mountain Resort.
The Mati Mountain Disc Park in Yanji City Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.
The Beijing World Park Disc Base.
The Kunshan City Ecological Forest Park in Jiangsu province ・ Disc golf base.
The Hongyao Disc Golf Park in Pudong New District Shanghai City.
The Pengbu Disc Golf Park in Hangzhou City.
The Disc Field in University of Nottingham Ningbo.
The Taiwu Ski Resort in Zhangjiakou City Hebei Province.
The Sea of Crabapple Flowers Disc Park in Hefei City Anhui province.
The Disc Golf Park in Inter Continental Huizhou Resort.
The Fenghuangcheng of Biguiyuan in Longli County Guiyang Province.

National non-fixed courses:
The Gaodong Town Ecological Park in Shanghai city.
The Yangcheng Lake Park in Jiangsu Province.
The Zhongshan Park Disc Golf Field in Nanjing city.
The Yanqing Forest Park in Beijing.
Outdoor camps in all regions of the country.